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Crusher Backing Compound

Crusher Backing Compound

ESIS offers a wide range of epoxy crusher backing compounds that are 100% solid epoxy compound, used for backing wear liners in cone and gyratory crushers. These epoxy crusher backing compound are highly compressive and have impact strength in nature that facilitates heavy duty crushing. These are of two types. Crusher Compounds are recommended for backing of liner bolts, diaphragms, head liners. Locking Compounds are recommended for locking the inner and outer eccentric bushings in stone crushers, espeially cone crushers. These offers high temperature performance.ESIS Epoxy crusher backing compound is an ambient temperature curing, filler extended 100% Epoxy system used for the lining of cone crushers and Gyratory Crushers. The epoxy crusher backing compound is suitable for backing of wearing liners of Cone Crushers, Gyratory Crushers, Primery and Secondary Crushers.

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  • Safe & more economical than molten zinc
  • Simple in application -just mix Resin & Hardener and pour into a cavity
  • Minimal amount of filler settlement
As Backing Compound in
  • Cone Crushers

  • Large Gyratory crushers
  • Primary and Secondary Crushers
  • Technical Information of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Product Detail :
    ESIS Epoxy Crusher Backing Compound is a two – part, ambient temperature curing, filler extended epoxy resin with good impact resistance and very low shrinkage.

    Physical Properties of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Colour Resin - Brown
    Hardener - Green
    Mixing Ratio By Weight - 100 Parts resin : 6.25 parts hardener.
    By Volume - 100 parts resin : 10 parts hardener.
    Specific Gravity@ 25 ºC Mixed Compound 1.60 g/cm
    Viscosity @ 25 ºC Mixed Resin
    Practical Working Time (Pot life) 8.5 kg @ 25 ºC = 10 – 15 mts.

    Note: Mix Crusher Backing Compound resin and Crusher Backing Compound hardener for 3 – 5 minutes. Use a spatula, or other flat-edged implement. Increase in temperature will shorten the working time, geltime and setting time. Decreases in temperature will extend the working time, geltime & setting time.

    Typical Cured Properties of Crusher Backing Compound :
    Hardness after 24 hours@ 25ºC Shore D 80 – 90
    Shrinkage after Cure Maximum 0.5 %.
    Elongation (Average) 1 %.
    Tensile Strength 250 – 300 kg/cm²
    Compressive Strength 700 – 900 kg/cm²
    Heat Resistance - 10 to100 +
    Adhesion To Cleaned and roughened metal and concrete – Excellent.
    Chemical Resistance of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Excellent against water, oil, grease, detergents, diluted acids and alkaline. Resistant to solvents, aliphatic alcohols and aromatics. Against esters, ketones and chlorinated hydro-carbons, tests are recommended.

    Water Absorption of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Immersion for 24 hrs @ 25ºC in distilled water- maximum 2%.

    Typical Properties of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Easy Pourability and good penetration even at low temperatures. Minimal filler settlement in containers – easily mixable. Fast reactivity and outstanding mechanical properties. Good curing properties at lower temperatures.

    Application of Crusher Backing Compound :

    Cone Crusher preparation: Block all cracks or gaps in the lining between the crusher and steel lining. If no adhesion is required, apply a grease or silicon – based release agent to the crusher bowl before casting.

    Safety Precautions for Crusher Backing Compound:

    Avoid direct contact of resin with skin. Use of hand gloves during handling is recommended. Splashes on the skin, if any should be removed immediately with suitable remover.

    Note: The information given here reflects our present experience in development and usage. Since site conditions and situations vary, no warranty is given or responsibility assumed for obtaining specific technical results.