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Manufacturers of Fly Wheel & Pulley

ESIS, the Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer and Suppliers of "Fly Wheel & Pulley" Jaw Crusher Wear Parts. We provide and Supply High Quality and High Grade of Fly Wheel & Pulley the Genuine Jaw Crusher Spare parts

Rotational energy is fed into the jaw crusher eccentric shaft by means of a sheave pulley which usually has multiple V-belt grooves. In addition to turning the pitman eccentric shaft it usually has substantial mass to help maintain rotational inertia as the jaw crushes material.

The weights of these two machine elements need be balanced as any deviation may lead to undesired twisting of the eccentric shaft and increased vibration. They are firmly keyed to the opposite ends of the eccentric shaft. Usually, they are made of gray cast iron because of its good vibration damping, machinability and resistance to sliding wear [23]. The pulley has two or more grooves and is driven by belts attached to the prime mover which may be a combustion engine or an electric motor. The flywheel supplies the moment of inertia of a system, as it serves as a reservoir, which stores energy during the period when the supply is more than the requirement and releases it when the energy requirement is more than the supply. Hence, the inertia required to crush a material in a jaw crusher is provided by the flywheel.

The overhead eccentric force feed jaw crusher aredesigned to have the shaft assembly with flywheelrotate downward and toward the crushing chamber.Standing on the left side of the crusher, theflywheels will be rotating in a counterclockwisedirection. Right and left hand aredetermined when facing the tension spring.

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