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ESIS, the Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer and Suppliers of "Pitman" Jaw Crusher Wear Parts. We provide and Supply High Quality and High Grade of Pitman the Genuine Jaw Crusher Spare parts

The pitman is journalled at the upper end to accept the eccentric shaft. This structure houses the eccentric lobe and supports the movable jaw. The lower end of the pitman is guided by the toggle plate and drawback rod attached to it. Pitman with a cross-sectional support in the form of a honeycomb structure reduces or removes bending of the pitman and wear compared with a pitman without such support. The cross-sectional supports eliminate bending and distortion horizontally, with additional advantages including crushing material with smaller stroke count and smaller stroke length, reduction in the amount of energy required from the flywheel, lesser material requirement for producing the pitman, reduced mass of the pitman and avoidance of holes arising from casting, when open structured pitman is used.

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